ThreatVelocity is essentially the consolidation of comments made on various sites by a character who has gone by the screen name TemplarMyst. Many of the comments were made back in the day, on sites like The Oil Drum (now archived) and Peak Oil. He is in his mid fifties, lives in northeastern Illinois, and works as a system administrator for a small Chicago consulting firm.

The screen name is a portmanteau of Templar and Mystery. It is the result of some casual reading on the history of the Knights Templar, in particular some since forgotten speculative history that perhaps the Templars had made an outreach to their Muslim and Jewish counterparts in an attempt to find common ground, so as to reach an accommodation on the religious and political character of the Holy Land during the First Crusade.

The idea was quite speculative, and like so much of Templar history, is shrouded in mystery and doubt. What is certain is that no such accommodation was ever reached, and the Templars and other Crusaders were driven, decisively, from the Holy Land, with great loss of blood and treasure.

The thought of bitter enemies trying to reach agreement is what I found appealing, and this was the origin of the screen name.

While the initial approach of this site focuses on climate change, there are obviously so many other threats out there that I hope to touch on at some point. The basic plan is to put out a couple of summary pages as a starting point, then, as time and interest permits, expand those and perhaps even branch out a bit.

Though this is a WordPress site I haven’t enabled the Blog or Comments, at least not yet.

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